Tony Romo “Still the Gayest Player” on the Cowboys According to Fox 26 Houston’s News Ticker (Video)

news ticker tony romo still gayest player on cowboys

On Wednesday, as you probably heard, the Dallas Cowboys signed defensive end Michael Sam to their practice squad.

That’s newsworthy because Sam is the first openly gay player ever selected in the NFL draft, and he’s trying to become the first openly gay player to make an NFL roster. The Rams, who drafted Sam, were simply too deep at his position to keep him even on their practice squad (which is basically an NFL team’s pool of backup players), but the Cowboys desperately need depth on their defensive line. And since Sam proved himself to be a very capable player during the preseason—and because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones loves the media spotlight—the Cowboys picked him up.

How did the good people of Dallas react to the news? I have no idea. But at least one person in Houston took the opportunity to take a dig—or rather, to take what he or she perceived to be a dig—at Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Take a look at this item that ran on the Fox 26 news ticker on one of Wednesday’s newscasts:

According to Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead, who spoke with somebody at Fox 26, this wasn’t the work of a hacker or some rogue station employee. Instead, it happened because their news ticker automatically pulls tweets from the web.

So you know, they’re not stupid or anything. They just didn’t realize people sometimes say offensive or inappropriate things on Twitter, and thus that they should probably not automatically pull tweets from the web.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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