Footage of Ray Rice Punching His Wife Finally Released (Video)

ray rice punching his wife

Back in July, the NFL handed Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice a two-game suspension because he knocked his then-fiancée out cold in an Atlantic City casino.

At the time, of course, the public had not yet seen the actual video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife. All we had was video of Rice dragging his limp, unconscious bride-to-be out of an elevator. But that was still enough to convince rational people of the world that the league’s punishment was extremely mild, and it was met with widespread scorn and ridicule which prompted the league to institute much more severe penalties for domestic abuse.

However, just in case anyone doubted that Rice was a total piece of garbage who got off easy, today TMZ has obtained and released video surveillance footage of the actual knockout blow—a nasty left hook that sent Janay Palmer face first into the elevator railing.

It’s absolutely chilling. Take a look if you can stomach it:

Obviously, there are some people out there who will see this footage and say, “Well, she went after him first.” And these people are what I like to call assholes. Nothing Palmer did justified that vicious response.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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