11 Insane Sports Bets with the Biggest Payouts


Tonight’s men’s final at the 2014 US Open between No. 10 Kei Nishikori and No. 14 Marin Cilic is one of the most unexpected Grand Slam matchups in a long time. And, as is the case with all unexpected sports outcomes, there are handful of sports bettors out there who stand to make lot of money.

Australian bookmaker TAB says a few bettors put $100 AUD ($93 USD) on Nishikori to win it all at 100-1 at the start of the tournament. Meanwhile, one person put $500 AUD ($468 USD) on Cilic to win it all at 21-1 prior to his semifinal against Roger Federer. Those bets would all pay about $10,000 AUD ($9,300 USD), which is pretty good.

However, they’re just chump change compared to the biggest potential payout. TAB has confirmed that one bettor has a seven-match parlay going, and if Nishikori wins that $40 AUD wager will turn into a $135,000 AUD ($127,000 USD) pay day.

Where would that rank among the greatest sports bets and payouts of all time, you ask? It would rank pretty high.

Want to see how high? Well, today’s list is a rundown of the biggest sports bets of all time. So take a look to find out…


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