Alex Smith with the Handoff to Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend (GIF)

handoff to manti te'o's girlfriend (chiefs handoff fail)

You probably thought jokes about Manti Te’o‘s girlfriend were dead. After all, that story about how Manti was duped into an online relationship with a nonexistent woman first broke on January 16, 2013. That just a week after the BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Te’o’s Notre Dame—a game that rather ironically became famous for making a star out of one college football player’s very real girlfriend.

However, in a miracle of internet humor, it turns that Manti Te’o’s girlfriend jokes have come back to life. Or at least, they have come back to life on internet forum/news aggregator Reddit. There, one user found a year-old GIF from a Chiefs-Texans game showing the worst handoff of all time, titled it “Handoff to Mati Te’o’s girlfriend,” and watched the thing sore to the top of the Reddit charts.

Sure, there were plenty of comments that pointed out how lame and stale the joke was, but those spoilsports were outnumbered by people who heard the joke again for the first time. So it got over 3,000 upvotes.

Take a look at the “Handoff to Manti Te’o’s girlfriend”:

Personally, I think the real joke is on that the Chiefs still scored a touchdown on this play. But that’s just me.

Hat Tip – [reddit]

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