Marin Cilic Looked Pretty, Ahem…Excited to Win the US Open (Pic)

Marin Cilic Looked Pretty, Ahem...Excited to Win the US Open

You ever get so excited at an accomplishment that you just get a huge erection? Marin Cilic does. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. No one’s here to pass judgment, but the difference between you and Marin Cilic (besides success and money) is that when you get a boner, for whatever reason, you generally can just slink away.

Well, when you’re at the US Open on center court at Arthur Ashe Stadium, there isn’t a lot to hide behind, so you might as well just let your true colors shine through. If Marin Cilic got an erection from winning, does that mean that the loser of the match, Kei Nishikori, will suffer crippling impotence following the letdown of losing? 

Yeah, probably. Thank God we don’t have any pictures of that. The agony of defeat is bad enough on its own.

Let’s see that image again, closer. We should all be so happy:

Marin Cilic Boner

Champion, indeed.

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