14 Most Popular NFL Cheerleading Squads on Instagram

most popular nfl cheerleading squads on instagram

How do you go about determining the most popular NFL cheerleading squads on Instagram? Well, it’s not rocket science. You start by eliminating all the squads that aren’t even on Instagram. Then you see which one has the most followers and, presto, there are your rankings.

The surprising thing here is that a whopping 11 NFL cheerleading squads (44%) are not even on Instagram, even though it is obviously the ideal social media platform for organizations that exist for the sole purpose of proliferating images of attractive women. And what’s crazier is that three of those 11 squads aren’t on Twitter, either. I mean seriously, guys, aren’t 50% of NFL cheerleaders college students? And aren’t 50% of them studying communications?

But I digress. Are you ready to see the most popular NFL cheerleading squads on Instagram? Then please, step right this way…


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