Angry Giants Fan Burns Eli Manning Jersey (Video)

Eli Manning JerseyNever ones to back down from drama, New York sports fans are a very special lot. Take, for instance, this frustrated individual, who expressed his displeasure by burning his Eli Manning jersey in his backyard. If you ever needed all your stereotypes encapsulated in one nice little package, this is for you. This guy’s got the wife-beater, the giant tat, the trampoline, and the generally entitled attitude one would expect from a fan who burns their Eli Manning jersey one game into the season.

It’s fun to imagine that Tom Coughlin is doing the same thing at home with his Eli Manning jersey. If not, then we can at least hope that he paid this guy to do his bidding on behalf of the New York Giants. Or maybe it’s Peyton. Or it’s just some asshole with a jersey and a friend who has a fire pit. Let’s not rule anything out.

Here’s the video:

This guy’s ire presumably stems from the New York Giants‘ 14-35 loss to the Detroit Lions. We get it buddy, you’re not used to losing to the Lions by three touchdowns. No one is. But if you’re going to burn your Eli Manning jersey, at least burn the hat as well. It seriously softens the statement to leave that thing on.

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