9 Most Insane Mike Tyson Moments of All Time

most insane mike tyson moments

As you probably have heard, yesterday Mike Tyson snapped when a Canadian news reporter pointed out that he is a convicted rapist, saying “you’re a piece of sh*t” and “f*ck you” on live television. It was…let’s say, very unprofessional. And awkward. But also hilarious.

Of course, none of that is to say it was shocking. Because anyone who knows anything about Mike Tyson knows the guy is prone to outbursts like this. He’s been doing it since he first made a name for himself at the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the late 80s, and it’s unlikely that he’ll stop doing it any time soon.

Today, in light of Iron Mike’s most recent profanity-laced tirade, we’re going to count down the most insane Mike Tyson moments of all time.

Just how insane are we talking about? Well, the fact that Mike at one point basically had a pigeon ranch at his home outside Phoenix didn’t even make the cut. Neither did the time he told Opie and Anthony how to have sex with women in prison. So yeah, they’re extreme.

Just one warning, though, before you get started. These insane Mike Tyson moments are peppered with vulgar and often offensive language. So if you’re at work or in the presence of impressionable young children, you might want to turn the volume down.

Now, let’s get started…

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