Arizona Republic Editorial Cartoon Shows Roger Goodell Holding Elevator for Ray Rice (Pic)

Arizona Republic editorial cartoon Roger Goodell holding elevator door for Ray Rice

When it rains, it pours. But for Roger Goodell, who today is the subject of a blistering Arizona Republic editorial cartoon, this week has been more like a biblical deluge.

As you can see, the cartoon in question depicts Goodell holding the door for Ray Rice while he drags his unconscious fiancée off the elevator. And the message couldn’t be more clear: Ray Rice may have thrown the left hook that knocked Janay Palmer out cold, but Goodell is just as bad.

Of course, Roger Goodell claimed that no one in the NFL saw the actual video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife until TMZ published it on Monday. But the number of people who believe that claim is growing smaller by the day. Earlier reports from the league’s favorite mouthpiece reporters claimed NFL officials had seen the video before they issued Rice’s initial two-game suspension. TMZ reported that “sources” at the Atlantic City casino said NFL employees went there and watched it. And, most recently, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press that he sent the NFL a copy of the Ray Rice video back in April.

That the league saw the video and lied about it is just the worst case scenario, though. Prevailing opinion holds that even if they didn’t see the video, they could have if they’d tried harder.

And then there’s the belief that, even if the NFL didn’t see the video, they had to know that something really horrible must have happened for Rice’s fiancée to be that limp.

So this Arizona Republic editorial cartoon? It’s just saying what most people are thinking.

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