Awesome Cam Newton Press Conference Features Same Answer to Every Single Question

Cam Newton press conference same answer to every question

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a long way to go before he’s in the same league as press conference greats like Gregg Popovich. However, if he keeps this up, he’ll reach that level eventually.

Newton, of course, is making his first start of the season this week after missing week one with a rib injury, and any reporter covering the Panthers is writing a story about it. So on Wednesday he sat down after practice and fulfilled his league-mandated duty to talk to the media.

However, rather than offer up any actual insights or simply talk candidly about the upcoming game against the Detroit Lions, Newton prepared a lengthy answer in advance and simply spit it out every time somebody asked him a question, whether it fit or not.

Take a look:

We can only assume Cam was inspired by the interview Texans running back Arian Foster gave a few weeks back and decided to take things to another level.

I especially like how he calls Ndamukong Suh “Donkey Kong Suh.” Though, to be honest, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to antagonize that guy. He’s been known to get a little violent on occasion.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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