Chest Bump With Player Sends High School Coach Reeling (Video)

Chest bumpBefore you chest bump, a rudimentary understanding of physics is probably a good thing to have. Otherwise, you can get sent flying, as you can see here in this video. A high school coach learns that kids today are bigger and stronger than they used to be, as he pops up for a celebratory chest bump, only to be sent flying.

While it’s fun to imagine that the player was so massive and strong that the coach just bounces off of him, it’s more likely that he just flat-out missed the chest bump, which, to be honest, is also pretty fun to imagine and witness.

That’s the danger of overcommitting to a celebration. Sure, the rewards are higher, but so are the risks. The risk of embarrassment by being left hanging, and even the risk of bodily harm. But it’s the risk of embarrassment that we here at TPS are so fond of.

Here’s the video. Someone get this guy a helmet:

The laughter from the crowd really takes this clip from good to great. In the future, it should be stated and noted that old men (over 25) shouldn’t do this type of shit. It always seems to end poorly for them.

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