Lingerie Football League Challenges Ray Rice: “One Down Of Football To Get Your Ass Handed To You”

lingerie football league challenges ray rice

Does the Lingerie Football League have something to say about this messy Ray Rice scandal in which the NFL is currently embroiled? You bet they do.

If you know anything about the LFL, then you know they never pass up an opportunity to get some easy publicity. Coach goes on offensive profanity-laced tirade? Put it on YouTube. Players get into nasty post-game brawl? Put it on YouTube? Wardrobe malfunction exposes a player’s bare butt? Put in on YouTube.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that the Lingerie Football League challenges Ray Rice to play one down against their scantily clad female athletes. And really, who better than women who run around playing football with their boobs hanging out to take up the mantle of feminism, amiright?

Take a look:

I’m going to assume Ray Rice is probably not going to take them up on this challenge, if for no other reason than he just doesn’t want to play football in ladies underwear. But hey, you never know.

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]

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