High Jump Photoshop Provides Perspective, Blows Minds (Video + Pic)

high jump photoshop amazing

Everybody knows people jump high when doing the high jump. However, but did you ever really stop and think just how high is high?

If not, this amazing high jump photoshop that is currently making its way around the web is probably going to blow your mind. It’s from the IAAF Diamond League meet last week in Brussels, Belgium, where 23-year-old Qatari high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim won his event with the second-highest jump of all time.

Take a look:

The height on that jump was 2.43 meters, and that probably does not mean all that much to you. But this might:

high jump photoshop

For those of you who like numbers, 2.43 meters is 7’11½”, which I think we can just go ahead and round up to eight feet. Meanwhile, a regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet high. So yeah, that photoshop is totally legit.

But hey, maybe basketball isn’t your sport. Maybe you’re really into soccer, where the underside of the crossbar must measure eight feet (2.44 meters) off the ground:

high jump photoshop soccer goal

The point is, Mutaz Essa Barshim is obviously some sort of wizard.

Hat Tip – [Mashable]

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