Steve Smith Video Warns Carolina Panthers: Expect Him in Week 4 (Video)

Steve Smith Video Warns Carolina Panthers Expect Him in Week 4

The Steve Smith video from last week just surfaced, and it’s easy to see why. It wasn’t exactly suitable for prime time. In footage taken on the sideline of last Sunday’s commanding performance by WR Steve Smith, he warns his former team, the Carolina Panthers, that he will be participating in that contest.

Only, he’s not quite so verbose. Check it out before I spoil it:

The Steve Smith video taken captures a pretty clear sentiment with his statement: “Hey, if you (expletive) think I can’t play, you’re gonna find out in Week 4, (expletive)!”

(I think he was saying “fuck,” and other outlets don’t want to report that. But we’ll never know for sure.)

Something tells me that the business about thinking he can’t play doesn’t have to do with an assessment of his health, but rather a more subjective matter. Namely, that he’s not with the Carolina Panthers because they didn’t see eye-to-eye with Smith on his value as a player. And maybe the Baltimore Ravens did.


Well, inasmuch as that matter can be put to rest in the first four games of the season, we should have some clarity on whether or not Steve Smith can “f*ckin’ play” following the Carolina game in week 4.

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