Sam Ponder Pets a Glorious Mullet on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ (Video)

Sam Ponder

Sam Ponder should know that any time you interact with the college students on ESPN’s College GameDay, you’re going to get some weirdness. She probably did know that when she petted a South Dakota State student’s mullet. She just didn’t care. What a trooper.

We’ve got the vine that shows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Sam Ponder hits the bottom of her journalistic career the moment that her hand touches the “business in the front, party in the rear” hairstyle.

Considering how all this dude had to do was ask Sam Ponder to pet his hair, you have to wonder what else she’ll just do if you ask. Pick up lunch? Eat an ashtray of cigarette butts? There are a lot of possibilities.

Watch the video, and confirm that what goes on at the campus of South Dakota State is pretty much what you would presume goes on at the campus of South Dakota State.

Aww. Look how happy it makes him. They should have this sort of outreach every Saturday. Pet a mulleted college student on ESPN, warm a heart.

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