This Dunk Fail Adds Credence To ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ (Video)

dunk fail

You know a bad time for a dunk fail? In a crowded gym, in front of cameras, WITH YOUR SHIRT OFF. That’s a scenario where you’d like to be able to succeed. However, it was not to be for this gentleman, whose dunking eyes were bigger than his dunking stomach, as he took off with “dunk fail” practically tattooed on his forehead the moment he stepped towards the basket at Morehead State.

Really terrible stuff. Has he ever dunked before? Or even seen a basketball? I’ll kill the suspense now, as you’ve probably shifted squarely to the edge of your seat in anticipation.

Here’s the dunk, in all of it’s shitty, shitty glory:

Baseed on our source for the video, and the pedigree of the guys who made the tape, and the fact that it was a WHITE GUY, there are several indicators that this may have been an intentional dunk fail. The false bravado in another good clue, but who cares? Intentional or not, this is high comedy. It’s always high comedy when a shirtless guy gets hurt. ALWAYS.

In the meantime, keep reaching for that rim, you anonymous practical joker, you. We’ll be watching, as always.

Hat Tip – [TBL]

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