James Jones Fumbles Twice in One Play, Because He’s a Raider (Tweet and GIF)

James Jones fumble

A James Jones fumble isn’t the rarest thing in the world. A James Jones fumble twice in one game isn’t even that rare. But twice in the SAME PLAY? That’s some quintessentially Raiders luck/skill right there.

That’s exactly what happened as the Raiders played the Houston Texans and demonstrated just how wayward the Oakland Raiders are. This year and every year.

Here’s a GIF of the goings on. We can’t match music up to GIFs, but if you just quietly hum the Benny Hill theme “Yakkety Sax” to yourself, I think you’ll have a pretty good time. Don’t worry about your coworkers. They aren’t even paying attention. Go ahead. Hum it.

(From SB Nation)

James Jones fumble

Even the Raiders had to laugh about it. Because otherwise, they’d cry:

That’s what you get for playing on a baseball diamond during football season. What is this, 1987? I understand that it’s an undue burden to have taxpayers finance two $1 billion stadiums, but HAVE TAXPAYERS FINANCE TWO STADIUMS. How can a football team take itself seriously in these circumstances? Try not to trip on first base, guys.

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