Ray Rice Appealing Suspension on Grounds He Told the League the Truth

ray rice appealing suspension

Ray Rice hasn’t said very much since the video of him punching his wife emerged last Monday. And that’s probably a good thing, since most people don’t really want to hear a guy make excuses for why he beat his wife.

Today, however, Rice will have something substantial to say. Because word is he will be appeal the indefinite suspension handed down by Roger Goodell, and the grounds for his appeal will be that he had already told them exactly what happened in that elevator back in February.

You see, if Rice did not lie to the Ravens or the league about what happened, then the NFLPA and Rice’s lawyer can argue that the video evidence did not change what the league knew when they gave Rice that measly two-game suspension at the end of July. And if that is the case, they can then rightfully claim the second punishment handed down—the indefinite suspension—constituted double jeopardy.

Since the penalties imposed on Ray Rice came under the league’s personal conduct policy, technically Roger Goodell has the final say in the matter. However, the whole appeal will be based on testimony from numerous sources, including Goodell, about exactly what Rice told the league. So it’s assumed the commissioner will agree to appoint an outside party to preside over the process.

At this point it’s hard to say how the appeal is going to play out. However, while some of Rice’s teammates have said he lied to them about what happened in the elevator, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome has said he did not lie to him. And if Newsome testifies to this fact, don’t be surprised if Rice’s indefinite suspension becomes definite.

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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