The Von Miller Elvis Dance Makes It Hard Not to Root for Him (Video)

Von Miller Elvis dance

Von Miller Elvis Dance? Von Miller Elvis Dance.

Why? Because he got a sack. But also because the universe is a beautiful place, and even amid the controversy and shittiness that has plaqued the NFL and sports this week, we can still get the tremendous mix of comedy and beauty that is this celebration.

Is there any chance this dance was a loud cry for help? A shout of longing for former Broncos teammate Elvis Dumervil?

Absolutely not. This was just unbridled joy that could only be conveyed in dance form. ELVIS PRESLEY dance form.

Here’s video of the Von Miller Elvis Dance, going like a hound dog that’s been all shook up because it can’t help falling in love. Jailhouse Rock.:

Miller has a history of this sort of thing. A wonderful history. He even took to “Tebowing” while the man himself was on the roster. But we can all agree this is a step up. Elvis continues to live and walk among us, while Tebow…Tebow is a correspondent on Good Morning America. That’s no gig for a king.

The Chiefs weren’t quite as excited about Von Miller’s Elvis Dance as we are, but I guess that’s to be expected, since they were on the receiving end of it.

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