Willie Young Fishing Celebration Was a Highlight of the Bears Game (Video)

Willie Young fishing dance

Last night’s Chicago Bears game gave us a big upset, but it also gave us Willie Young fishing. Or rather, Willie Young fake fishing in celebration.

Who in their right mind celebrates something by pretending to fish? Probably world-class fisherman. And Willie Young.

After knocking down Colin Kaepernick for a sack, fans in person and on TV were treated to the Willie Young fishing celebration, which looks a lot like the fishing move that I use to “reel in” ladies at the bar. Don’t laugh. It works every f*cking time.

In hindsight, the move adds insult to injury, as the Bears were able to take down the seemingly better 49ers squad at the new Levi’s Jeans and Vests Canadian Tuxedo Stadium (my name).

You can find highlights of the game almost anywhere else, but you can find the Willie Young fishing dance RIGHT HERE:

Of course, this was actually a blown opportunity by Willie Young, as he failed to add the part where he holds up the fish and poses next to it. Or maybe he did do that, but this Vine cut it off. Feel free to reenact the ending as you see fit, and in doing so, create your very own Willie Young celebration dance director’s cut.

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