Canadian Football Goal Posts Aren’t In the Best Location (Video)

Canadian Football Goal Posts Aren't In the Best Location

For those of you who are like, “I think Canadian football goal posts are situated very safely and unobtrusively on the field,” I would like to offer a rebuttal: They aren’t.

While you’re busy collecting evidence to support your argument, allow me to share some to support mine. This video, for example. In it, a Canadian football receiver burns the secondary and makes a great catch. He hauls ass into the endzone, and crosses the plane of the GIANT endzone.

There he is met with the satisfaction of a job well done. And a giant padded goal post, mid-stride.

Take a look at the hilarious video:

Fan-tastic. So why wouldn’t they move back the goal posts into some other area of the 700 acres of real estate that Canadian football teams use as their end zones?

No idea. But it might be because this is the only thing that keeps them popping up on American sports highlights, and they don’t want to stop their gravy train. In any event, they ARE wearing helmets, and these Canadian football goal posts do promote out and slant routes in the endzone. And crossing receivers could use it to set a screen.

I’d like to change my opinion and say these Canadian football goal posts are awesome.

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