This Double Nutshot KO from a Christian MMA Fight Was the Lord’s Will (Video)

double nutshot ko christian muay thai fighting

That’s right. This post is about a double nutshot KO from a Christian MMA Fight.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the concept of “Christian MMA”—and I’m pretty sure you’re not—it’s basically like regular MMA, only with more Jesus. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ll let an actual Christian MMA fighter featured in a new documentary called Fight Church explain it:

“The whole reason we’re having the fight here is so we can bring people in and tell them about God. The hope is that through the fight I can create a relationship with the person I’m fighting and extend Christ to him.”

Now, I’ve read the bible, and I don’t remember anything in the Acts of the Apostles about beating Christ into somebody’s bloody face. But then again, it has been a long time.

In any case, after explaining how he’s going to pound Jesus into his opponent, that very same Christian MMA fighter goes on to say that if he wins the fight it’s because God wanted him to, because everything is pre-ordained. And that’s pretty interesting, because the same logic dictates that if a fight ends with two guys simultaneously knocking each other out with shots to the nuts, that, too, was the pre-ordained Will of the Lord.

So with that in mind, cue the double nutshot KO:

Thank you, Dear Lord Jesus, for delivering unto these men this Holy double nutshot KO. Thy Will is hilarious.

Hat Tip – [Gawker]

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