Charles Barkley Threw Out First Pitch at Wrigley, and It Was Turrible (Video)

charles barkley first pitch

Charles Barkley is not from Chicago, and he never played basketball in Chicago. The guy was born in Alabama, and he played his college ball at Auburn before getting drafted by the Sixers and traded to the Suns and Rockets. If anything, his strongest tie to the Windy City would probably be the fact that it was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls who prevented him from winning a championship during his Hall of Fame career.

Come to think of it, that’s actually a pretty strong tie. If I were Barkley, I’d hate Chicago.

Nevertheless, Sir Charles was there yesterday, so the Chicago Cubs invited him to Wrigley to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. And it went about as well as anyone who’s ever seen him play golf would imagine—which is to say, it went very badly.

Take a look:

Of course, you know what the Round Mound of Rebound probably thought about that…

charles barkley first pitch

Then again, it could have gone much worse. At least Charles didn’t call all the women of Chicago fat.

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