Cubs Fan Catches Home Run Ball But Loses Wedding Ring in the Outfield (Video)

cubs fan loses wedding ring in the outfield

There’s no greater souvenir for a baseball fan than a home run ball. But would you trade a home run ball for, say, your wedding ring? Because that’s what it almost cost one fan last night at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs were ahead 6-0 on the Reds in the bottom of the seventh when top prospect Jorge Soler launched a pitch from Reds pitcher Sam LeCure into the left field bleachers. There it was caught by a Cubs fan, who immediately—and understandably—started high-fiving everyone around him.

Unfortunately, the euphoria was cut short when that Cubs fan felt his wedding ring fly off his finger and onto the field.

Luckily the ring fell onto the warning track and not the field. If it had fallen on the grass he might have had to wait until after the game for members of the grounds crew to find it. Because it fell on the track, it was easily spotted by another eagle-eyed fan, and the whole saga had a happy ending.

Here’s a video from MLB that shows the search and recovery:

And here’s a Vine in super slow-mo that shows the ring flying off the poor dude’s finger:

Hat Tip – [The Sporting News]

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