This Robin Williams Lookalike Is a South Carolina Gamecocks Fan (Pic)

Robin Williams lookalike

A Robin Williams lookalike was spotted as Saturday’s SC-UGA game, as the #14 Gamecocks knocked off the #13 Bulldogs, 38-35. Poor Robin Williams is excitable enough without giving him a high-scoring SEC conference game to get behind.

Obviously, it seems a little silly to break down exactly why this pic of a Robin Williams lookalike looks like Robin Williams, but I’m a bit silly, so here we go:

  • Hooked-ish nose
  • Hair
  • Same general age
  • Forehead
  • Slightly squinty eyes

Now here are some reasons this Robin Williams lookalike doesn’t look like Robin Williams THAT MUCH:

  • Clean shaven
  • Was sitting still long enough to have a picture taken of him

Also, Robin Williams died last month, which is probably the alpha and omega of the discussion. However, it’s no surprise that people still delight in seeing him in random-ass places. I would think that a South Carolina football game, especially when he’s decked out in South Carolina gear, is the last place you’d find him.

Oh, well. We see him where we want to see him. This might create a big enough push to get some folks on the Gamecocks bandwagon this season. But be warned, fairweather fans: Head coach Steve Spurrier jerked off a LOT of the players in the offseason. No judgments, just reporting facts.

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