Texas A&M Punter Drew Kaiser Starts His Own Heisman Campaign (Video)

Texas A&M Punter

Texas A&M punter Drew Kaiser has taken to the streets with a video camera for his own self-started Heisman campaign. He’s lobbying under the rallying cry “Punters are people too.”

It’s a very funny and self-deprecating campaign, but we all know very well that punters aren’t people. They’re barely even in the animal kingdom. I mean, Reggie Roby, the old punter for the Dolphins, used to punt with a watch on. WHY? There’s no place else you’ll have to be when you’re on the field, REGGIE. You’re not going to realize the time, then grab your coat and storm off the field on 4th and 4.

Anyway, this isn’t about my beef with Reggie Roby.  This is about Texas A&M punter Drew Kaiser and his funny video. Take a look for yourself. He’s not much of a person, but he seems like a hell of a punter. Just kidding. He seems like a fine person.

Here’s the video:

Doesn’t he know that Hesimans are for flashy defensive backs and running quarterbacks that will fizzle in the NFL? There’s no place for a Texas A&M punter in that illustrious group. The Aggies got their glory already.

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