Braves Fan Takes Foul Ball to the Face, Is Laughed at by Internet (Video)

braves fan takes foul ball to the face

Here’s a pro tip for all you baseball fans out there: if you’re at the game and a foul ball comes your way, just suck it up and catch the damn thing with your bare hands. Sure, it may sting a little. But if you get cute and try to catch it with your hat, you are more likely to wind up taking a foul ball to the face.

Case in point: this poor bastard at last night’s Braves-Nationals game in Atlanta. A high pop foul was coming right for him, but instead of just using his hands like you’re supposed to, he tried to make a bucket catch with his cap. And since holding an opaque wool baseball cap in front of your face obstructs your view, he lost track of the ball and it smacked down right on his nose.

Take a look:

So yes, a foul ball may hurt your hands a little. But it will hurt your nose a lot more.

That being said, this rule only applies to popup foul balls. If it’s a liner, use whatever you can to protect yourself. And whatever you do, do not try to catch a Giancarlo Stanton home run with your hands, hat, or anything else. Just get the hell out of the way.

Hat Tip – [NESN]

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