Celebration Fail: Coritiba Striker Falls Down Stairwell After Game-Clinching Goal (Video)

coritiba striker falls down stairwell celebrating a goal

You know the old expression look before you leap? That’s actually pretty sound advice–sound advice that Cameroonian striker Joel probably wishes he had followed before leaping over advertising hoarding and falling down a stairwell in Curitiba, Brazil, last night.

Joel, you see, had just scored his second goal of the game, giving Coritiba a 3-1 lead over visiting Sao Paolo. So he was understandably excited and wanted to run over and celebrate with some fans.

However, to get there he decided to leap over the advertising behind the goal, which would not have been a problem if not the fact that a huge Coritiba flag was spread out on the ground…covering a stairwell that led down to Estadio Couto Pereira’s field-side tunnel.

As Joel ran toward the hoarding, several stadium workers tried to warn him about his impending doom, but he either did not notice or did not listen. So he jumped over the boards and right into a giant hole in the ground.


Take a look:

Fortunately, the same flag that prevented Joel from spotting the stairwell also seems to have broken his fall. As you can see, he was back on his feet in no time.

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