Chris Carlin of SNY: Jeter Is a “Fraud,” Yankees Fans Are “Suckers” (Video)

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In a move not at all premeditated to spark outrage amongst Yankees fans and produce a spike in ratings, SNY’s Loudmouth host Chris Carlin has come out and declared Derek Jeter a “fraud” who has tarnished his legacy with his farewell tour.

Oh wait, did I say not at all premeditated to spark outrage? What I meant to say was entirely premeditated to spark outrage. Trash-talking His Holiness Derek Jeter? The most popular New York Yankee in 50 years? The guy they call The Captain? Right before his last ever homestand? Carlin isn’t just a troll. This dude is King of the Trolls.

And frankly, it’s pretty hilarious.

Take a look:

Does Carlin make some good points? Of course. That Gatorade commercial was saccharine nonsense, and to an extent all the pomp and circumstances of the JFT (the Jeter Farewell Tour) does fly in the face of the Jeter mythos. But fraud? Come on.

Of course, Carlin insists he is not trying to troll Yankees fans:

But he is obviously trying to troll Yankees fans. Just watch his co-host Adam Schein try to keep a straight face during his rant.

So calm down, Yankees fans. Take a deep breath, and don’t overreact. That’s exactly what Carlin and SNY want.

Hat Tip – [CBS New York]

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