Useful Website Tracks Last Time Jameis Winston Did Something Stupid

Jameis WInston

Jameis Winston is a tough guy to keep tabs on. Not because he’s sneaky or anything. If anything, he could stand to be sneakier! He’s a little too conspicuous with his stupidity, so we’re inundated with news stories about dumb stuff Jameis Winston has done. Was the dumb thing this week the same as last week’s? Or is this new?

Well, you can stop guessing because a great website has taken to tracking Jameis Winston‘s various and sundry stupid moves. It’s called The Mistake Tracker, which is a bit of an understatement. These aren’t mistakes. These are screw-ups. Not getting the dry cleaning on your way home is a mistake.  Yelling “f**k her right in the p*ssy” in front of a crowd of people is a screw-up.

The URL is I don’t know what it means, but I like it.

Ok. So it won’t help you differentiate the dumb things he does. But it will share how much time has elapsed. And that’s helpful if you’re a social worker or the poor FSU employee charged with keeping him in line.

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