Redskins Eagles Brawl Starts with Cheap Shot on Nick Foles (Video)

Redskins Eagles Brawl

Sunday’s Redskins Eagles brawl was a pretty raucous affair that came as a surprise to no one who knows of the bad blood between the two NFC East rivals. The skirmish led to the ejection of the Eagles’ Jason Peters and the Redskins’ Chris Baker. And while the two teams are sworn enemies, that’s not to say that the brawl didn’t start for a good reason.

Eagles QB Nick Foles threw a pick, then, as is tradition, every single player on the intercepting team looked for a reason to lay him out. And Baker did just that. But it was pretty clearly away from the ball and likely a late hit. So the Eagles took to their feet in protest.

Here’s the video, which shows what led to the Redskins Eagles brawl. Keep an eye on the right hand side of the screen, and Foles:

And for those whose bloodlust isn’t satisfied with that, here are a few embeds of the Redskins Eagles brawl itself, which, as most brawls are, was pretty disappointing:

BOOM. Right in the face, you rival!

Fortunately, DeSean Jackson was able to keep the conversation more or less about football, on-field brawls notwithstanding. The best news is, these guys meet back up in a few more weeks. Gotta say we’re looking forward to that!

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