Jared Cook Shoves His Quarterback in Frustration After Dropping a Pass (Video)

Jared Cook Shove

Jared Cook did us all a favor today by reminding us that if you suffer some small setback, or make an error, it’s never too late to be a giant dick about it and take it out on other people. Confused? Let us fill ya in. Jared Cook dropped a pass that would have likely given the St. Louis Rams an insurmountable lead late in the game over the Dallas Cowboys. Then, the Rams tight end took to the sideline, and, when approached by quarterback Austin Davis, Jared Cook shoved him out of frustration.

Before we rag on Jared Cook too much, it merits mentioning that he’s already publicly apologized, and it’s not like he punched the guy or anything. Still. Don’t screw with your teammates. Especially when you’re the one who made a mistake.

Here’s a video of one guy’s bad day getting worse in front of millions of people. You do know they have cameras on the sidelines, don’t ya Jared?

Wow. All this violence really has me jonesing to switch from my MacBook Air to a Microsoft Surface. Can’t for the life of me figure out why!

For those who desire closure, you should know that St. Louis ended up losing the game, probably because Cook dropped the pass.

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