Babe Ruth Red Sox Contract Sells for More Than $1 Million (Pic)

Babe Ruth Red Sox contract

The original Babe Ruth Red Sox contract may have only been for $5,000, but it recently went to auction for $1.02 million.

The document, which Babe Ruth, the AL president, and Red Sox owner Henry Frazee all signed, was executed in 1918, a year before Ruth was famously shipped to the New York Yankees. Interestingly enough, the document that it surpassed as the most valuable sports contract was the very contract that sent him from Boston to New York.

That contract went for $996,000 in 2005, but likely would trade higher than the Babe Ruth Red Sox contract that traded recently, seeing as how it sold eight years ago.

The sale of the document coincided with Babe Ruth’s 100th anniversary of joining the Major Leagues. Isn’t that cute?

Among other Ruth memorabilia that traded this past weekend was a bat he used and a signed ball. What is believed to be the first home run ball that Ruth ever hit at Yankee Stadium was on the block, but didn’t hit the $100,000 reserve, so it’s staying put.

The whole Babe Ruth Red Sox contract can be viewed here. There are some fun little caveats that you’ll come across (like his no-alcohol policy and 1 a.m. curfew). I suggest giving it a read, even though it seems downright quaint compared to today’s lawyered-up monstrosities.


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