Flyers Ice Girls Get Replaced with Clothed Men, Who Get Booed (Video)

Flyers Ice Girls

The Flyers Ice Girls, unsurprisingly, had their share of fans. I don’t know what it is about hot girls on ice, scantily clad, bending over to shovel ice, but they were pretty popular. Wait. All those thing I said about the Flyers Ice Girls is what made them popular. But, equality doesn’t care about what is popular, only what is right. That which is just.

So when the NHL team decided to replace the Flyers Ice Girls with men (“Flyers Ice Men” sounds like they’re monsters), the crowd had something to say about it. Mostly negative things. Exclusively negative things. In the form of incessant boos. Again, no big surprise. Sports fans don’t like it when you make them stop objectifying women.

Here’s a video so that you can draw your own conclusions about the audience’s discontent:

I wan’t to say that this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to the world of professional I will. NOTHING THIS BAD HAS EVER HAPPENED IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. THIS IS THE WORST FATE A SPORT COULD SUFFER.

That felt good. And honest. Unless you can make the Ice Men an interactive event, likely by allowing me to hurl beers at them, I don’t think this will stand for long.

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