MLB Hits King Jose Altuve Introduces the Jump Swing (GIF)

jose altuve jump swing baseball fail

It’s been a long time since the Houston Astros had a genuine star player, but they’ve definitely got one now in second baseman Jose Altuve. He leads all of Major League Baseball in batting average (.345) and total hits (221) this year, and his 6.0 WAR is good for 13th.

That being said, even really good players give us really awful plays every once in a while. And last night in Arlington, the probable 2014 AL batting champion gave us the jump swing.

And yes, a jump swing is exactly what it sounds like.

Altuve’s came in the 8th inning on a 0-0 fastball from Rangers reliever Roman Mendez. The Astros were trailing 4-3 and had a runner on first with nobody out. Jose apparently figured Mendez would come out of the bullpen throwing strikes, so he committed mentally to jumping on the first pitch.

The only problem was that the first pitch was about eye level. So figuratively jumping on the first pitch meant literally jumping to make contact. Which he did.

Take a look:

jose altuve jump swing

Embarrassing? Sure. But any other player attempting a jump swing would have whiffed completely. It takes mad skillz to actually get wood on the ball.

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