Derek Jeter Ad Gets Disgustingly Parodied by Boston Company (Video)

Derek Jeter ad

The Derek Jeter ad from Nike was parodied by Sully’s Brand in Boston, and boy, oh boy, is it tasteless. Is it funny? Eh. Maybe. But it’s also plenty gross. If you ever wanted any proof that nothing is sacred in the rivalry between New York and Boston, look no further than this Derek Jeter ad.

I can explain it to you, but it really doesn’t require much narrative. A guy is taking a dump, which means that he’s “Saying goodbye to number 2.” Pretty stupid, right? Then he pulls his pants up without wiping.

Watch it, then forget it. Or try your best to forget it. The Derek Jeter ad was ripe for parody, and this is certainly one way to do it, but not the right way.

Take a look and let the class waft over you:

If I had to guess what sort of Boston company would do this, I’d probably make up some ridiculous name like Sully’s Brand. Turns out that would have been right on the nose.

Nothing else to discuss here, so how about you move on to literally any other part of your day that doesn’t involve a guy pooping in tribute?

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