Greek Soccer Coach Gennaro Gattuso Offers Up Truly Entertaining Press Conference Rant (Video)

Greek soccer coach

Greek soccer coach Gennaro Gattuso has a reputation for being a bit of a spitfire in international play as well as during his time with AC Milan. Now, he’s the coach of Greek Superleague team OFI Crete. And he’s still got some opinions on things. An angry Greek soccer coach is a fun Greek soccer coach.

I just made that phrase up after watching this video, but I believe it in my heart of hearts to be true. This guy has an excellent grasp on English, but it’s still fun to here him say words like “balls” in a thick Italian accent. But you shouldn’t have to take my word for it. Watch the video, and experience the fun rant firsthand:

Oh, man. That was great. It’s also great because no one has any idea what this thing is about (and if you do, DON’T TELL ME), so the whole thing is delivered context-free. That’s the way rants should be.

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