King Dunlap Dwarfs Eddie Royal in Incredible Undoctored Photo

king dunlap dwarfs eddie royal in incredible undoctored photo 2

King Dunlap dwarfs Eddie Royal in pretty much every photo in which both make an appearance. After all, Dunlap is 6’9″ and 330 pounds, while his San Diego Chargers teammate is 5’10” and just 185 pounds. However, the difference is not usually as striking as it is in the photo above.

It’s not doctored, though, says Ricky Henne, managing editor of the Chargers official team website. It’s just an optical illusion that makes Dunlap look like a 10-foot giant.

Obviously, Dunlap is much closer to the camera lens than Royal. What makes this photo so incredible, though, is the fact that Dunlap is not more out of focus.

You see, in photography, the longer the lens, the shorter the depth of field. For example, if you have a regular 55mm lens, the range of what’s in focus off in the distance might be 15 feet. However, if you have one of those really long zoom lenses you see on NFL sidelines, the range of what’s in focus might be 3 feet.

For that reason, you would normally expect an object in the foreground (like King Dunlap) to be very blurry when the photographer has focused on an object much further away (like Eddie Royal). In this photo, though, you have the perfect confluence of factors. Somehow Dunlap is relatively in focus, and the image was captured at the exact right moment. That makes it look like the two are very close, and that King Dunlap dwarfs Eddie Royal.

Crazy, it’s it?

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