Kiss Cam Couple Inexplicably Dumps Beer on Each Other (Video)

Kiss Cam

Ahh, the Kiss Cam. The last days of the regular season can be a real drag for fans of many teams. However, the stakes are fairly high for the Giants-Dodgers series, so it’s not like people should be having to make their own fun. Nonetheless, this bizarre and awesome couple decided that, should they get on the kiss cam, they would need to make a bit of a splash.

Literally. So they took their beers and dumped them on each other’s heads. Yeah. That’s right.

Maybe it’s because they’re rooting for different teams, and it was a joke about the animosity they feel towards each other in this series. That’s reading a lot into it, but it would be a decent reason for desecrating the kiss cam like that. THE KISS CAM IS NOT A TOY!

Here’s the video. Kick back and stay out of the splash zone:

In related news, the kiss cam beer-dumpers both declared bankruptcy after senselessly wasting $40 of beer for a silly joke. Someone needs to teach them some fiscal responsibility.

It would have been more effective as a fan statement if they had used grain alcohol then set each other on fire.  Now that would be a clip worth sharing!

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