Bengal’s Devon Still Gives His Daughter a Pep Talk Before Her Cancer Surgery (Video)

Devon Still cancer prep talk

Devon Still has to be a pretty tough dude to be playing on the defensive line in the NFL. But that toughness doesn’t come close to matching the toughness required to endure his daughter’s cancer diagnosis and stay strong for his family during what has to be a devastating and exhausting time.

In this video, we see Devon Still giving his daughter a pep talk as he drives her to surgery. It’s a beautiful thing to see him smiling and making his daughter laugh before she goes into surgery.

At first, I was a little skeptical to see that he recorded this speech and put it on social media. I mean, does he really need to let the world know? Then I realized, yeah, he does. There has been a huge outpouring of support for Devon’s daughter, Leah, recently, and while those folks aren’t as invested as her parents, they are all rooting for her. So this might be as much for those fans and supporters as it is for little Leah.

Check it out:

So, I’m on board. It’s a great video, and let’s all send some good vibes to Devon Still, Leah Still, and any other parent or child who has to face the same hardship.  We’re all hoping they can become cancer free one day.

Good luck, Leah!

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