Juan Uribe’s Son Got Happy Feet From The Dodgers Win Last Night (Video)

Juan Uribe's Son Got Happy Feet From The Dodgers Win Last Night

Juan Uribe’s son doesn’t need to be reminded of the phrase “dance like no one’s watching.”

Last night, he was living that adage in the Dodgers locker room as he celebrated, along with his dad and his teammates, the Dodgers’ win that clinched the NL West division title. Remarkably, it doesn’t seem that any news outlet can name Juan Urbie’s son, so we’ll just call him Madison. No. Madison is a girl’s name. We’ll call him Lee.

Anyway, Lee Uribe can dance. He can also work a crowd, as he pulled that Ron Burgundy, “No, thanks. I can’t…I can’t…I….OKAY!” before doing what appears to be a derivation of the Kid n’ Play dance from House Party, only solo.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the dance, though they were giddy from the victory and from all the beers that Yasiel Puig opened with his teeth.

Take a look:

All in all, it looked like quite a party in the Dodgers locker room last night, thanks in no small part to Juan Uribe’s son.

What are the odds we can get him to do a worm/running man hybrid if they take the pennant? I’m guessing pretty good.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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