Drunk Manchester United Fans Brawl with “Where’s Waldo” Themed Bachelor Party (Video)

man u fans brawl with where's waldo themed bachelor party

Normally we wouldn’t bother writing a post about a drunken soccer brawl that happened over a year ago. However, this isn’t any drunken soccer brawl. This is a drunken soccer brawl involving a family of Man U hooligans and a “Where’s Waldo” themed bachelor party. At a train station.

A man named John Eyre, 46, and his sons Jack Eyre, 22, and Rhys Eyre, 17, had been out drinking after watching Man U beat Norwich earlier that day. While making their way through Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, they passed another bunch of drunks all dressed like Waldo from the eponymous Where’s Waldo? books. Drunken shouting ensued, most likely to do with the absurd attire of the drunken bachelor party revelers, and then John Eyre leaned over the railing of a people mover and pushed one of the Waldos.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

The Eyre family all pled guilty to fighting in public and got sentenced to six-months (deferred) and various fines. However, the one Waldo who got charged, Stephen Hargreaves, 54, went to trial. And it’s only now that he, too, has been convicted that the bizarre video has been released.

Take a look:

It’s like they always say, nothing brings a family together like getting wasted and brawling in a train station.

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