‘The Daily Show’ Hosts Debate Between Native Americans and Redskins Fans (Video)

The Daily Show

The Daily Show has decided to put on its boots and go marching into some muddy waters this week. More so than usual, as they pit Redskins fans against Native Americans in a segment discussing the perceptions of the team name. The Daily Show simply offers this piece up with very little commentary, as it seems that the piece speaks for itself.

Of course, Dan Snyder is interviewed about the name in the piece. I wonder if Dan Snyder, right or wrong, just gets really sick of discussing the team name with the press. I know one way he could stop being asked about his offensive team name, but I doubt that he’s interested in it. The Daily Show takes points from both sides, though it’s hard not to see the show aligns itself with the offended party over some football fans. Not hard to see that at all.

Here’s the video. It’s also pretty funny, so don’t think you’ll get TOO depressed by watching it:

The Daily Show
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Here’s a rule of thumb: If you hold a wildly unpopular opinion, you might not want to be interviewed on The Daily Show.

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