Washington Linebacker Niles Paul Knocked Unconscious by Terrifying Helmet-on-Helmet Hit (Video)

Washington linebacker Niles Paul knocked unconscious

Last night in Thursday Night Football action, Eli Manning threw for 300 yards, four touchdowns, and only one interception in a 45-14 blowout over Washington, bringing New York’s record to a respectable 2-2.

Unfortunately for Eli, instead of everyone talking about how extremely unsucky he was, today everyone is talking about the scary helmet-on-helmet-on-helmet hit that left Washington tight end Niles Paul knocked unconscious.

With less than two minutes left in the first half, Paul caught a long pass up the middle from Kirk Cousins. However, two Giants defenders, Antrel Rolle and Quentin Demps, converged on him immediately and crunched his head between theirs.

Paul then fell to the ground, on his back, stiff-limbed and unconscious.

It’s hard to watch, but take a look if you’re up to it:

Given the fact that Paul was out cold and had trouble walking off the field, he obviously did not return to the game. And really, we pretty much have to assume that tests are going to reveal a pretty severe concussion. Let’s just hope this isn’t something that jeopardizes his career or his quality of life after he’s done playing football.

Hat Tip – [Fan Sided]

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