NC State QB Jacoby Brissett Plays Game of His Life in FSU Loss (Video and GIF)

NC State QB Jacoby Brissett

NC State QB Jacoby Brissett didn’t walk away Saturday with a win against the nation’s top-ranked Florida State Seminoles. And in all seriousness, it was pretty unrealistic to think that he would. However, he still had a pretty remarkable performance that kept his underdog team in the running for virtually the entire game. And that in and of itself is noteworthy.

At one point, the NC State QB had carried his team to a 17-point lead, which left everyone wondering if this game would end with the current kings of college football being dethroned.

It didn’t happen, but it was amazing to watch NC State step up their game in a way that they had no business doing.

Here’s a GIF (courtesy of SB Nation) of NC State QB Jacoby Brissett just refusing to be taken down as he scrambles, scrambles, and scrambles some more before throwing a touchdown pass.

NC State QB

And for those of you who crave a little more context, here ya go, with the play in video form:

It’s not the best play we’ve seen all season, but it might be the best play we’ve seen against Florida State, who just barely managed to hang on to the #1 spot with this close 56-41 victory.

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