Ohio State Strength Coach Takes Down Field Crasher…HARD (Video)

Ohio State strength coach

Ohio State strength coach Anthony Schlegel is not one to be trifled with. For starters, he used to play linebacker for OSU and he’s been referred to by current staff as being among the best tacklers the program has ever seen. To that end, when some jackass sprinted on the field, he demonstrated that tackling skills die hard. The Ohio State strength coach lifted up the offender and slammed him to the ground in violent fashion with perfect form. A proud day for Ohio State defense.

It was probably more aggressive than need be. It’s not like these guys are posing a threat. But they are obnoxious, and they deserve to endure some pain in a humiliating fashion.

Also, this guy was dressed like a stereotypical college frat asshole, complete with “I’m gonna wear my loafers to a football game.”

Here’s the clip, unfortunately shot vertically, because the world is a cruel, unforgiving place:

It’s a shame that the Ohio State strength coach doesn’t have any eligibility left. He would be a real asset on any D1 team. 

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