Steve Smith Torched the Panthers on Sunday, Just Like He Predicted (Videos)

steve smith torched the panthers

Steve Smith warned the Carolina Panthers that things were going to get ugly on Sunday. He wasn’t kidding.

The Panthers, of course, had hurt Smith’s feelings when they released him during the offseason as a cost-cutting measure after 13 years of service. Thus, after signing with the Ravens, the 35-year-old told his former teammates they’d better wear goggles because it was going to get bloody.

It did get bloody. Steve Smith torched the Panthers, catching seven passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns in the Ravens’ resounding 38-10 victory.

The first touchdown was a 61-yarder that opened the scoring in the second quarter. Ravens teammate Owen Daniels tipped a pass from Joe Flacco, and Smith caught it and ran it all the way into the endzone:

Smith’s second touchdown came about 11 minutes later and put the Ravens up 21-7 at the half:

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this performance is that there was no celebratory taunting involved. While Smith talked plenty of trash before the game, during the game he was all business.

He did manage to sneak a subtle insult in after the game, though.

“At the end of the day, honestly they didn’t deserve anything I had to say that would be derogatory—and I didn’t need to,” Smith explained. “They didn’t even deserve me to spin the ball on them. I just caught it and put it down and went about my business.”

Smith now has 429 yards and three touchdowns through just four games.

Apparently nothing sparks a career renaissance like getting jilted by your former team.

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