Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Makes Fun of Steve Ballmer’s Apple Product Ban (Video)

Doc Rivers Apple Product Ban

An Apple product ban was put into place by new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, which supposedly will keep all the Apple tech products out of the team facilities and on team trips. The move is funny, yet unsurprising considering new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was one of the guys that founded Microsoft. I bet Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are pretty fired up about the new Zunes they’re gonna get.

But not everyone seems impressed by the new anti-Apple rules.  Clippers head coach Doc Rivers made fun of the Apple product ban at a recent press conference, remarking, “I’ve got to turn my iPhone off” before starting his presser.

No word on what the penalty for having a device will be under the Apple product ban, but I’m guessing you’ll have to intern for Donald Sterling’s real estate company for a summer if caught.

Here’s Doc Rivers making fun of the policy, probably because he’d rather do this than have to serve another second under the old regime.

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