Lions TE Joseph Fauria Injured Himself Potty Training the Cutest Puppy Ever (Pics)

Joseph Fauria injured

Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria injured himself outside the scope of football this week, which always raises red flags. However, this red flag is furry, adorable, and we wouldn’t dare question it.

Confused? I’m sure you are. We would be too. Joseph Fauria told the Lions that he sprained his left ankle trying to chase his puppy down while it was peeing inside the house.


That’s not the story. We buried the lede a bit here. The real story is that Joseph Fauria‘s dog is named Lil’ Rufio, and it’s the cutest dog ever. It even has an Instragram account. It’s THAT cute.

Fauria saw Lil’ Rufio starting to whiz, then chased after it, spraining his ankle on the stairs in the process. Sure, it’s possible that he really injured it robbing a bank or kicking an orphan, but let’s all believe this story for the time being.