LeBron’s Hairline Was Back…and Now It’s Gone Again (Pics)

lebron's hairline hair plugs

LeBron’s hairline might just be the most famous hairline in the history of professional sports. People love making fun of him and his attempt to hide his male pattern baldness with the strategic placement of headbands because it’s really his only “weakness.” In every other way, LeBron James is some sort of superhuman. In fact, he was probably created in some top-secret Nike laboratory where scientists use genetic engineering to produce perfect pitchmen.

But anyway, like I said, people pay attention to LeBron’s hairline. So when he unveiled his new shoes a couple of weeks ago, the fact that his hairline had moved back down his forehead (see above photo) did not go unnoticed. Did the King get hairplugs? Was there some sort of groundbreaking advance in toupée technology? The internet was rife with speculation.

Now the internet is going nuts again because LeBron’s hairlines seems to have retreated back up his forehead.

Take a look at these photos from LeBron’s workout with his new (old) team over the weekend:

lebron's hairline

Seriously, WTF is going on here? LeBron’s hairline needs to make up it’s mind. What with the Ebola crisis, the threat of ISIS, and the limited availability iPhone 6, the world cannot handle this right now.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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